12.12.13: The 1st Anniversary Of "A Perfect Armenian"
Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 1:14PM
Keri Topouzian in Armenian freedom fighter 1914 fedayee guns turkey genocide holocaust novel

Has it been a Perfect year? Oh, I don't know... No movie contract (yet), have not hit the New York Times Best Seller list (yet), no calls from Oprah (yet), and no well known publisher trying to get me to sign up with them (yet).

Hey now! Its only been a year and a great one at that! I have learned a lot over this past year in many ways. You know, I originally wrote this book for my brethren but to my surprise the people that enjoy this book the most are non-Armenians. "I had no idea that this ever happened", or "I had no idea what an Armenian was", or "I couldn't put the book down." Sorry for blowing my own horn but it feels great when someone you don't know really enjoyed the novel.

I have also learned how difficult it can be to market and get the word out. It's a full time job! Once in a while I will walk into Barnes & Noble and number of books that are out there are staggering. How does one compete with all that? Luckily I have some great people working with me and we are all dedicated to getting A Perfect Armenian out there.

Weve got some great plans for this coming year including getting the book on Nook, working on getting an audio version of the book, and we will probably start working on the sequel. Most of all, we will be trying to continue to get the word out on the novel.

Hope you all have a great 2014!

Keri T

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