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Lin Enger's New Novel, The High Divide

I was fortunate enough to meet the author, Lin Enger in NYC at the BEA Conference and was able to obtain an advanced reading copy of his new novel. Lin weaves a tale based on historical facts and characters that slowly pulls you into the world of the Northwestern United States 150 years ago and keeps you there. A goal for all writers is to hook your reader and keep him/her interested in the story line. I was hooked early on and one of the aspects of the book that kept me interested is that I could not predict what was going to happen! A lot of times when you are reading a good story you can predict where the author is going and what is going to happen. Not with this novel. There are hints along the way as to how the tale will progress but only with reading on does the reader really find out.

I highly recommend this book not only for readers that enjoy historic fiction but to all who enjoy a unique thought-out novel that takes place in America's west, 150 years in the past. It's a novel, historical fiction, a mystery tale and all in one. Great job.


We've Been "Nooked"

After  working out the technical difficulties, our novel, A Perfect Armenian is now on Nook. So for those of you who have been waiting... Wait No More.


Writing the book was the easy part...

Ignorance is bliss. Did not know that libraries and bookstores want to, for the most part only buy books from "the" wholesaler, B&T (Baker & Taylor). Wow what a learning experience.

After a meticulous review process,  "A Perfect Armenian" was accepted for distribution by Baker and Taylor in 2014. Now libraries, bookstores, and other retailers around the world can order in bulk and keep this historical novel more easily in stock. Harvard Library and the University of Michigan are two of the first libraries to stock this novel.

So walk into your public library ask them to carry the book. That way you get to read it for free (-'

Baker & Taylor, a distributor of books and entertainment, has been in business for over 180 years.  Based in Charlotte, North Carolina and privately owned, in 2006 the firm had $2.2 billion in sales, employed 3,750, and was # 181 on Forbes list of privately owned companies.

12.12.13: The 1st Anniversary Of "A Perfect Armenian"

Has it been a Perfect year? Oh, I don't know... No movie contract (yet), have not hit the New York Times Best Seller list (yet), no calls from Oprah (yet), and no well known publisher trying to get me to sign up with them (yet).

Hey now! Its only been a year and a great one at that! I have learned a lot over this past year in many ways. You know, I originally wrote this book for my brethren but to my surprise the people that enjoy this book the most are non-Armenians. "I had no idea that this ever happened", or "I had no idea what an Armenian was", or "I couldn't put the book down." Sorry for blowing my own horn but it feels great when someone you don't know really enjoyed the novel.

I have also learned how difficult it can be to market and get the word out. It's a full time job! Once in a while I will walk into Barnes & Noble and number of books that are out there are staggering. How does one compete with all that? Luckily I have some great people working with me and we are all dedicated to getting A Perfect Armenian out there.

Weve got some great plans for this coming year including getting the book on Nook, working on getting an audio version of the book, and we will probably start working on the sequel. Most of all, we will be trying to continue to get the word out on the novel.

Hope you all have a great 2014!

Keri T


The Sandcastle Girls

I just finished reading Chris Bohjalian's novel on the Armenian Genocide; The Sandcastle Girls. Wow, this man is a great writer! And he did his homework too - onsite! My favorite character was "Armen" and the way he presented him in the beginning of the book. Who says the pencil is not mightier than the sword (-' (read the book!)

On April 24th (Armenian Martyr's Day) at St. John's Armenian Apostolic Church in Southfield Michigan, I was lucky enough to sit at the same table as the author. His speech and presentation on his novel and the Armenian Genocide were well done. I wish or hope someone has recorded this and with the author's permission post for the public.

I highly recommend this book to Armenians and non-Armenians alike. it takes you down a path that is full of emotions and historic education.

Thank you, Chris!