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Reference Guides > Did the village of Tchingiler really exist?

Good luck trying to find an old map with Tchingiler on it let alone any of the small Armenian villages in the western provinces of the Ottoman Empire back 100 years ago. First, I tried the library, then the internet but came up with nothing. Even all of the Armenian history books that discussed the Genocide. Nothing. Sometimes I wondered if it really existed. One day I asked my father if he had any suggestions. He contacted his great aunt and luckily one of my cousins had an old map both in Armenian and English that pointed out exactly where Tchingiler was. In present day Turkey, there is no village by this name and not even a substitute Turkish village at this site as far as I can see. Probably too small to be rated by Rand McNally. I have enclosed pictures of the map. If anyone wants an electronic copy I would be glad to send to you. Just contact me on the website or email me at BTW if you are a Tchingilertsi let me know!